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The Kids Physical Development Center

Kids physical development center (KPDC) KINESIS was founded with the idea of creating a place where children will primarily feel safe and relaxed and where they will fall in love with sports and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Our Story

The need to provide children of the youngest age with a safe and stimulating environment for the development of physical, mental and social skills was a pleasure and an additional motive on the one hand, but also a challenge to enable each of our little friends to achieve a comprehensive progress through our center. As parents, educators, coaches, etc., we must understand that the child develops and gets to know the world around it through movement, play, and exercise. The concept of our development center is implemented on a scientific basis according to the model of the respected prof. Gustav Bale, who authored several hundred scientific studies related to the overall development of children.

The Programs

Our engaging programs are especially designed to meet the educational and  developmental needs of your young child. The Child Development Center provides full-time classes for children 8 weeks through age 5.