Building Confidence and Motor Skills Through Fun Activities

Our programs are designed according to the needs, capabilities and age characteristics of children. Designed to include fun and interesting activities, movement and exercises that enhance your child’s motor skills. Our programs provide a child with confidence, faith in own abilities, but also get the child to know its personal possibilities.

Basic program

The program contents on which the realization of the Kids Physical Development Center’s curriculum is based:


Basic forms of movement or biotic motor skills are programs that enable effective mastering of space, obstacles, resistance and purposeful manipulation of objects. These are activities that cannot be automatically attributed to any of the sports, and are extremely useful and important for the development of basic motor skills, as foundation for more complex and demanding motor skills later in life.

Activities in the field of biotic motor skills are divided into:

  •  purposeful mastering of space
  •  purposeful overcoming of obstacles
  •  purposeful overcoming of resistance
  •  purposeful manipulation of objects


Individual class (corrective gymnastics exercises)

Corrective gymnastics is a set of physical exercises dosed by type, duration and intensity aimed at preventing and correcting poor body posture, i.e. stretching of certain muscle groups in order to improve the overall posture of the child (kyphotic, scoliotic, lordotic body posture, flat feet, etc.). The basic tool of corrective gymnastics is physical exercise.
The main tasks of the corrective gymnastics program are:

• enabling proper growth and development of the child,
• prevention of the occurrence of deformities,
• correction of already manifested and prevention of further progression of existing deformities.

Age Groups

  • Tots play 3-4 yrs.
  • Kids sport school 4-6 yrs.
  • Sport select 6-9 yrs.


Sports birthday celebrations

Sports birthday celebrations are organized for children aged 5 to 9 over the weekend for 2 hours.
Our team will organize your birthday – a birthday party with specially designed sporting and fun games that guarantee a cheerful atmosphere and an unforgettable time!!!
Celebrations are held in sports hall.


Additional Activities

⦁ Ice Skating
⦁ Horse riding

KPDC Rulebook

Equipment needed for basic program and corrective gymnastics

It is very important to provide your children with adequate exercise equipment!

  • gymnastic shoes (ballet shoes) with a rubber sole that prevents slipping and is more resistant to wear, and not with a textile or faux leather sole.
  • Sports socks
  • Cotton T-shirt and shorts that perfectly fit the child’s body so that children can move more easily without clothes getting stuck on equipment and props.
  • Water bottle
    Teachers are obliged to control the sportswear and equipment of children and if it is not adequate they are obliged to warn parents!