Our History

The need to provide children of the youngest age with a safe and stimulating environment for the development of physical, mental and social skills was a pleasure and an additional motive on the one hand, but also a challenge to enable each of our little friends to achieve a comprehensive progress through our center. As parents, educators, coaches, etc., we must understand that the child develops and gets to know the world around it through movement, play, and exercise. The concept of our development center is implemented on a scientific basis according to the model of the respected prof. Gustav Bale, who authored several hundred scientific studies related to the overall development of children.

Integrative approach

The contents of work programs of the center are based on a balance between the acquisition and the development of motor skills, i.e. their interaction with other aspects of the overall development of children (physical, creative, emotional and cognitive).

The program implementation does not focus only on the physical activity of children. Children are given the opportunity to ask, learn, analyze, communicate as well as receive a multicultural view of the world and thus experience the sports program as part of the educational experience.
The program is planned to be implemented in a way that will enable children to exercise together with the aim of improving the sense of socializing and togetherness. Also, emotions of the children when participating in a sports activity must not be ignored.

Realization of the program allows children to understand the value and importance of physical exercise, as well as its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.

Each exercise is performed in order to improve motor skills or abilities, whereby it is necessary to make sure that certain techniques are performed correctly.

All children are actively involved in the implementation of the program, and individual thematic units are designed to enable each child to participate.
Games are an integral part of programs aimed at increasing children’s satisfaction. The children initiate the games themselves. When playing, emphasis should be put on the importance of ethics and fair play.


Meet our leadership team

The program recruits and provides support to teaching staff who have the educational qualifications, knowledge and professional commitment necessary to promote the learning and all-round development of children.